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"It isn't about the gifts or having the perfect tree. The true spirit of the holidays are about the magic and the memories formed over the years between family and friends".


Ever since I can remember, I have had a crazy passion for all things Christmas. For me, not only was it a creative outlet, but each of the ornaments on our tree hold memories of holidays past. Every year, hunting for ornaments with my mom at our favourite shops, as we try to find the perfect pieces for that year's tree. Little did I know at the time, these moments would form the foundations of the Owl & Gray brand.  

Over the years, my creative spirit and passion for the holidays, lead me to styling Christmas trees for family and friends and word of mouth spread and helped grow my client base. My eye for aesthetics and design then expanded into the formation of Owl & Gray

Through my designs, I want to inspire everyone to take their own past traditions, and newly inspire them for the generations to come. The Owl & Gray line of holiday decor and ornaments were designed to stand the test of time, allowing anyone to build on their own traditions and to pass them on to loved ones.

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